Dear Members, Ex-Members and Prospective New Members

Further to my email of 17 May we are all able to get out a bit more and even do some outside sport, however still no indication of when the leisure centres will open.  We will plan for a September start but watch this space.

It’s been very disappointed that I’ve had next to no feedback on my email.

That being said the following are duly appointed.  Anyone who would like to help running our club (yes it does need volunteers to run at all) please advise.  We desperately need a Secretary and help will be given to anyone who wants to assist.

Chairman – John Hopkins

Secretary – Vacant (Volunteer please?)

Treasurer – David Highton

Match secretary – Kevin Chamberlain

Committee – Ab, Andrew Hamilton, Callum Bell

Attached is the Secretary’s report.  Thank you David. As you can see we still have a small balance but our outgoings are greater than our revenue so we need to keep a close eye on our costs.

Unfortunately I’ve not received any reports from the team captains.

Consideration of fees and confirmation of teams/team captains will have to wait until we know when the leisure centres will re-open for badminton and how the leagues will operate.  These will be considered by the committee as will any other business anyone wants to raise.  I will arrange a committee meeting (virtual?) when we know a bit more on the future.

Anyway keep safe and keep fit.


John Hopkins

Club Chairman